Battle of Plassey

This Battle of Plassey had transformed British East India Company into a political power from a trading company.


Aurangzeb (1658 – 1707) sent Murshid Quli Khan to Bengal as Deevan in 1700. Murshid Quli Khan transferred the capital of Bengal from Dhaka to Murshidabad.

Mughal King Farrukshiyar (1713-1719) completely waived off the custom duties from EIC & Murshid Quli Khan was made the first Nawab of Bengal in 1717.

After the death of Farrukshiyar, Bengal became an independent state.

Throne of Bengal

Murshid quli khan made his son in law, Shuja ud din muhammed new nawab of Bengal. He was succeeded by his son Sarfaraj khan(1727 – 1739).

Alivardikhan was a loyal sepoy of Shuja ud din muhammed. By considering the ability of Alivardi khan, he was made General in 1728 then became Deputy Subedar of Bihar.

Now he no longer wanted to live as a Deputy Subedar, he killed Sarfaraj khan in the battle of Giria in 1740 and became the Nawab of Bengal.

After the death of Alivardi khan his grand son Siraj ud din Daulah becasme the Nawab of Bengal.

Cause of the Battle

In 1756 Seven year war was started in Europe. Britain and France were against each other in this war. British had fear the French can attack on their factory hence they started fortification.

EIC was making a lot of money but was not paying any tax.

Farrukshiyar era was over, now Bengal was under Siraj ud din daulah. He invite representative of French EIC and British EIC to his court and told them that you will have to pay tax now also the fortification you are building have to be stopped.

Black Hole Incident

French agreed but British doesn’t hence Siraj ud din Daulah attacked on Fort William.

Some managed to escape but 146 were captured, among them children’s & ladies was there. They are packed in small guard room, on next morning when gate opens only 23 survived, remaining were died due to suffocation. This is know as “Black Hole Incident”.

After Black Hole Incident

Escapes EIC employees sent the message to the Colonel Robert Clive (Madras).

Robert Clive came to Bengal along with 3000 Soldiers.Another Governor attacked on Bengal port. Nawab was not able to defeat them, hence “Treaty of Alinagar” was signed between them.

Condition of Treaty

  • Fort William again became a British property.
  • EIC does not have to pay any tax.
  • Britisher’s were allowed to mint coins.
  • Britisher’s were allowed to keep army in Bengal.

Robert Clive had now decided that he would not allow Siraj ud din Daula to remain the Nawab for long.

Robert Clive lured Mir Jafar(commander in chief of Nawab army) to made him the Nawab of Bengal and meet hands with him.

Course of the Battle of Plassey

Britishers attacked French factory Chandranagar, Bengal. Siraj ud din daula thought British E.I.C. are crossing their limit, hence he decided to attack on them with his Force 50k strong force.

Force of Nawab met with Robert clive’s 3000 soldiers on the banks of the Bhagirathi-Hooghly River, near the small village of Plassey (Palashi) ,Kolkata.

This battle was fought on 23 June 1757 and know as “Battle af plassey”.

With the help of Mis Jafar, Robert clive Killed Siraj ud din Daula.

Impact of Battle of Plassey

In 1757 Mir Jafar was made the nawab of Bengal but he was not more than a puppet in hands of Robert clive.

After the Battle of Plassey ,East India Company transformed into a political power.

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